1 Egyptian petro-chemical Co.   2 Egypt Chemical Industries Co
3 Abu Qir Co.For fertilizers and chemical industries.   4 Bechtel Overseas Corporation
5 Assiut Petroleum Refinery Co.   6 Alexandria Petroleum Co.
7 Wepco (Western Desert petro- chemical Co.)   8 Balaeim Petroleum Co, (Petro Bel.)
9 San Misr Co. (E.M.C.)   10 Alexandria Petroleum service CO. (Petroment )
11 Mobil Oil Co.   12 Santafi drilling Co.
13 American Sifin Co.   14 Orascorn Co.
15 ABB-SUSA Co.   16 Alexandria national iron and steel Co.
17 The Egyptian Co. for liqufyding of natural gas LNG   18

Misr Gas Co.

19 Alexandria electricity distribution Co.   20 National Institute for maritime science.
21 Sidi Kirir Energy Plant   22 Egyptian co. for paper industry (Rakta)
23 National paper Co.   24 Salt and Sodium Egyptian Co.
25 EL Nasr Saltines Co.   26 Atomic Energy Authority.
27 Public transportation Authority of Alexandria